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abeer maadawy

Abeer Maadawy Abeer Maadawy - Work

I was looking for a place to elevate and sharpen my skills in photography as well as drawing. the problem I had was the not so flexible timings of courses. I was introduced to Art Zone by a friend who recommended it to me. first I took a studio lighting course with Sarah Mostafa. I have to say I learned a lot during the course as they-at art zone- have a way of making me feel at home and I am always surrounded by art and artists. next was my drawing drawing course with Saleh Abdel Sabour. I have to mention that I have never held a pencil and I don't know how to draw. I found this course to the point and my level in drawing was growing faster than I expected. I recommend Art Zone to every one is interested to know and discover ART.

amr assaad

Amr Assaad Amr Assaad - Work

I first knew Art Zone through the art work of its owner and manager artist Saleh Abdel Sabour. His work caught my eyes and I wanted to see more of it and when I finally manage to meet the artist I discovered his own, newly open, arts school where courses on different art practices were offered.. At this point I was seriously considering returning to a hobby I've abandoned long ago, I joined a drawing workshop & it was an interesting experience which combined academic and freestyle techniques but most important that through this course a friendship developed with everybody in Art Zone including the instructors and the management. Soon I pursued my dream by joining an Abstract painting workshop. Art zone does not just provide a professional environment but it is also a very friendly and relaxed place where everyone can work and enjoy her/his time. I go to Art Zone in and outside the workshop times to practice.

Art Zone arranged for a very big and successful even exhibition where the work of both instructors and students was exhibited. The exhibition was a big success: artwork was sold and it had a great media coverage in national press, TV and radio.

In addition to being part of this exhibition I even had my own very first solo exhibition in a private gallery where I also sold my work. It is such a great moment to be able to practice what you love in a great environment and in the same time you make money selling your work. None of that would have been possible without Art Zone's help and support and great friendly environment


Emad Emad - Work

In Artzone we find Excellent family feeling “ I mean all of us in a big family , not the feeling we r going to take a course “ also we find a very talented instructors who really want to develop our hobbies and our talents. In this occasion I would like to thanks Dr. Sara Moustafa our instructor of Photography for her effort with us .

Also I can advise to make a several workshop for a several subject; I can explain more that we can decide a subject like lighting outdoor , we can fixed a day to all of them to take a photos , to sketch , …..It ll be very helpful and increase the feeling of Family members of ARTZONE.

Hana El-Rakhawy

Hana El-Rakhawi Hana El-Rakhawi - Work

It's just so fun being in Art Zone and free my mind from the outer world and just draw. Its like I have an insatiable desire for art!


Hatem Hatem - Work

تعرفت على ارت زون خلال بحثى عن كورسات متخصصة فى التصوير و قد وجدت ضالتى فى هذا المكان حيث وجدت دورات متخصصة فى الاضاءة و هوه ما عجزت عن ايجادة فى اى مكان اخر... و عند الاشتراك اعجبنى المكان خاصة انه لا يتم التدريس فيه بشكل اكاديمى لكن بشكل تفاعلى عملى من خلال قاعات مجهزة بشكل جيد..و قد تم عمل معرض فى نهاية الكورس و لم يكن معرض لعرض الاعمال فقط كان معرض حقيقى بدعوات لفنانين كبار مع امكانية بيع اللوحات لمن يريد ذلك.... فى النهاية ارت زون مزيج جيد بين انواع الفنون المختلفة الرسم و التصوير و النحت و غيرها فى مكان واحد و لفئات عمرية مختلفة هذا المزج باسلوب راقى و بخطوات محسوبة من خلاص مادة علمية مدروسة و روح فريق قوية تدعم تلك المادة... ارى انها اثمرت عن نجاح و شهرة المكان فى فترة وجيزة ...

Mohamed Osman

Mohamed Osman Mohamed Osman - Work

Art zone was a turning point for me, I met such a great friends & wonderful artists .Art zone redirected my great photography passion to a new Zone which is professional artistic zone . Thanks a million to Sara & Saleh

Yasmine Naseef

Yasmine Naseef Yasmine Naseef - Work

My personal experience at Art Zone started by a sudden need to live my life. I had just discovered that, although I knew I had talent, I never took it seriously. I love my job but somehow it consumed me.

Recently widowed and nearing retirement made me turn to music and art.

I wanted a fun place to help me discover what I can do.

I found Art Zone on facebook. I was immediately encouraged to subscribe to one of its many courses. All instructors are reputable artists, each in his/her field.

I thought I would play with oil colors. To my delightful surprise, in 6 months I had produced some good pencil still life drawings, also in charcoal and pastels. I even found myself drawing portraits from live models in pencil and pastels. And they were good??? I just finished an introduction to Abstract in acrylics, and will continue to new techniques and styles, and who knows how far I will go… maybe one day my brother will steal my paintings and sell them e-bay !!!!

Art Zone has a classy friendly and inviting atmosphere… you almost know immediately that you will make friends and not stop going there. So, bravo to its owner Mr. Saleh Abdel -Sabour and his great team of professors and administrators. Thank You