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Asst. Sarah Mostafa Kamel Arabic & English 9 sessions and one field trip 2 sessions per week Beginner Attendants must bring their own Analogue or Digital Camera.
Introduction to Photography

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A brief introduction on the various types of cameras, camera components, modes and Film Vs. Digital comparison.

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Exposure Introduces the basic concepts underlying exposure, exposure metering, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field and ISO.
Lenses Introduces the types and functions of lenses, lenses usage, lenses technologies and techniques of utilizing lenses creatively.
Light & Lighting Introduces the notion of light, color temperature, white balance, filters, light sources and their influences.
Composition Introduces the concept of Balance, the rule of thirds, framing, vantage point, color depth, lines focusing on creative uses.
Photography Categories Introduces the categories of Portrait, Nature, Still Life, Abstract, Photojournalism and others.
Photo Manipulations Introduces various photo manipulations techniques using Photoshop software.

Please note that some sessions will include assignments.